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CUH SDVC34-MR Vibratory Feeder Controller

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29 / 05 / 2023
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1 Buah
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Rp. 4.500.000
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Rp. 4.500.000
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Tlp : 021-50102151
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Detail CUH SDVC34-MR Vibratory Feeder Controller

Harga Rp.4.500.000/Unit

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Phone : 021-50102151
WA : 0878-5491-3536

CUH SDVC34-MR Variable Vibratory Feeder Frequency Controller

Automatic Constant Feed speed control: Automatic output voltage adjustment in real time to ensure constant preset feed speed regardless of weight change of the workpieces.

Automatic Frequency Adjustment: Automatic output frequency adjustment in real time to make sure the load is always working at its resonant frequency.

Automatic Resonant Frequency Search: Search out and output resonant frequency of the load. Other related parameters are also set automatically.

RS485 Communication: All parameters of the controller can be adjusted via RS485.

Dual Switch Sensor ON/OFF Control: 2 switch sensors or PLCs can be connected to turn on/off the controller.

Automatic Switch Sensor Ty pe Recognition: The controller can recognize and adapt to both PNP and NPN type switch sensors.

Sync Output: Sync output waveform of the slave controller with that of the master controller to the same frequency and phase to avoid beat effec

Overvoltage Protection: If input voltage is too high, power supply of the controller will be shutdown automatically to protect itself

Digital Overheat Protection: If internal temperature the controller gets too high, the controller will stop its output to protect itself.

Overcurrent Protection: If output current exceeds its rated value, the controller will stop its output to protect itself and the load

Restorable Short Circuit Protection if output of the controller is short-circuited, the controller will shut down its to protect itself and the load. But the fuse inside will not be blown So when there is no short circuit at the output side, the controller will work again after power on.

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