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Controller Feeder SANKI MFC-S3B-F

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22 / 11 / 2023
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Kami NAGA JAYA SUKSES (Sebelumnya bernama CV.Makmur Sejahtera Teknik)
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Detail Controller Feeder SANKI MFC-S3B-F

Feeder Controller

Digital settings/display
Digitally set output voltage and frequency. Setting values ​​can be managed.
Soft start/stop function

Sensor timer function
Vibrator can be controlled ON/OFF by connecting an overflow sensor
Operation signal output
Three outputs are available that are synchronized with the vibrator output.
speed switching
Two patterns can be stored in memory and switched using an external signal.
Output voltage limit setting
The maximum value of the output voltage can be set lower. Prevents damage to the vibrator due to excessive vibration caused by incorrect operation.
Feedback control *
Constant amplitude control is possible using the conventional piezoelectric vibration sensor (KS-3).
Adopts the same operation panel as the piezo controller

Contributes to space saving
The large type requires 20% less installation space than conventional products. The installation space is further reduced by making it multi-functional.
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